Asian Jalapeno Chicken requires simple ingredients and is ready in less than 30 minutes. With moist chicken, sweet and savory flavors, and a kick of spice, it’s sure to be a family favorite!

Guys, it’s been awhile. I know it’s been two weeks since my last recent recipe, Korean ground beef and I am sorry.

G and I are currently in Utah for a 3-day food blogging conference and we’ll be making a fun 4-day pit stop in Las Vegas on our way back to California. I was so excited about this whole business trip slash vacation, I couldn’t think of anything else for the last two weeks!

This is our second visit to Salt Lake City and it’s as breathtaking as I remember! I snapped the photo above this afternoon and I just can’t get over how beautiful the city is. Seriously, snow-capped mountains in the middle of Spring?

The Everything Food Blog conference we attended didn’t disappoint as well. I learned so much about how to grow my blog and heard so many success stories, I feel so inspired and energized. I am so pumped up, in fact, I am struggling now with crappy hotel internet connection so I can bring you this amazing Asian jalapeno chicken.

If you frequent Chinese fast food restaurants, you’ve probably seen this sweet and savory chicken added to the menu in recent years. It’s really not your traditional Chinese entree but is more of a delicious fusion of Mexican and Chinese tastes.

With succulent, lightly battered chicken, a simple marinade of soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine and brown sugar, and sliced jalapenos for a healthy kick of spice, it’s an interesting combination of delectable flavors.

Asian jalapeno chicken is a very quick and easy meal you can whip in minutes using basic pantry ingredients.

The chicken pieces turn out super moist and tender through the process of velveting (check out my tutorial on how to velvet meat) prior to the stir-frying. And my, the SAUCE! It’s sweet and savory and sticky and spicy and just so yummy over generous heaps of steamed rice.

It’s sure to be a dinner favorite and even makes great leftovers for next day’s packed lunches. Good thing the recipe can be easily doubled (or tripled) from serving a family of four to feeding a hungry crowd.

Give it a try tonight and make sure to leave me a feedback and rate the recipe in the comment form below. I ♥ hearing from you.

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