Buko salad drink made with young coconut, gelatin, sago, and palm fruits. Sweet and creamy, it’s the perfect summer refreshment!

As a college student in Manila in the late 1980’s, I stayed in a dormitory a block from my university during school days and went home to my province on weekends. After my Friday classes, I would ride a jeepney from Taft to the Philippine Rabbit station in Avenida where I would take the bus to Tarlac.

It has been decades since I last ventured into the streets of Avenida Rizal, but I remember it to be bustling with hurried drivers and pedestrians alike. The terminal itself was always thick with commuters rushing to get to their destination and vendors peddling fresh fruits, snacks, and beverages.

This buko salad drink was my favorite among the rows of refreshments sold at the bus terminal, and I would always buy a mammoth cup before I got on the bus. The ice-cold milky liquid and chunks of gelatin, sago, young coconut and palm fruits kept me happily occupied and satiated through my two-hour long trip home.

Tips on How to Make Buko Salad Drink

  • This recipe is more of a baseline; feel free to add more or less of the ingredients to fit personal taste.
  • Drain the kaong and nata de coco well as they’re usually bottled in heavy syrup which would make the drink overwhelmingly sweet.
  • This buko drink is chunky; make sure to give everyone spoons to get into all the goodies!
  • The red food coloring is for aesthetic purposes only. If you prefer not to use it, just omit or use colored nata de coco or kaong which would also tint the drink.
  • Make sure to keep the drink in the refrigerator for food safety, especially during hot Summer months.
  • You can substitute evaporated milk for the coconut milk if you prefer. Or skip altogether if you don’t like the drink very creamy.

I hope you give this tropical beverage a try. Sweet, creamy and chock-full of shredded young coconut, gulaman, sago, kaong, and nata de coco, it’s the perfect Summer refreshment!

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