Tortillas                     5-6

Oil                               2 tbsp

Chicken strips          1 ½ cup

Soya sauce               1 tbsp

Chili sauce                1 tbsp

White vinegar         ½ tbsp

Salt                             Add to taste

Black pepper           ½ tsp

Garlic crushed         1 tbsp

Chicken powder     ¼ tsp

Cabbage julienne cut                    1 cup

Carrot julienne cut                         ½ cup

Green Capsicum                 ½ cup

Cheddar cheese                  1 cup

Mozzarella cheese             1 cup

You can utilize the vegetables you like. Simply pursue a similar technique to saute them as referenced beneath.


Warmth up a skillet on a medium warmth. Add oil and garlic in to it. Saute it for brief at that point include chicken and cook high fire until it turns white. Presently turn the warmth down and include Soya sauce, bean stew sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper and fry the chicken. Sprinkle water and continue cooking until the chicken is delicate. Chicken is prepared, turn off the fire and put it in a safe spot.

Presently in a similar dish include 1 tsp of oil, garlic ¼ tsp and include the vegetables in it. Saute them with salt and pepper for around 1 moment. Expel the skillet from stove and keep the vegetables aside.

Presently take a spotless skillet, heat it up on the stove and put a tortilla in the container and warmth it up from the two sides. Each side will take around 9-10 seconds.

Presently spread tortilla on a plate, place some cooked chicken tenders and vegetable on it. Sprinkle a handfull of cheddar and mozzarella cheddar and move it up firmly. Set up every one of the tortillas similarly and afterward place them in a pre-warmed search for gold moment each side. Keep the fire low as this progression is just to liquefy the cheddar.

Presently dispense the yummy hot mushy chicken tortillas and appreciate!!!

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