Chicken               1/2 KG

Oil                          3 tbsp

Butter (plain)      2 tbsp

Garlic (crushed)    2 tsp

Ginger (Julian cut)   1 tbsp

Salt                         to taste

Green chilies            6 to 7 (or to taste)

Cream                       1 cup

Chicken broth          1 ½ cup



Take a pan and put it on a stove with medium flame. Add oil and butter to it. When oil and butter heat up to enough then add chicken and ginger to it and fry it until the color of chicken changes to light golden. Now add salt and green chilies (Julian cutting) to the chicken. Give it a good mix and add chicken broth to it. When the broth start to boil cover up the pan with a lid and cook it 8 to 10 minutes till chicken is tender on medium flame. After 10 minutes check whether the chicken is cooked? If yes then high the flame and dry all the broth till the oil separates out. At the end mix the cream give it a good mix and cook on low flame for 5 minutes. Now turn off the flame and sprinkle the ginger on the dish and enjoy yummy white creamy chicken with stir fried rice.


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