Thai mango salad made of juicy mango strips, crisp bean sprouts, fragrant basil, toasted coconut, crunchy peanuts and a tangy lime dressing. Fresh, healthy and delicious, it’s your go-to salad this summer season!

I’m so excited for summer to get here! Not because I am looking forward to the sordid heat but because, you guys, mangoes! I’ll gladly live through the hellish weather if it means getting my hands on this juicy fruit.

Mangoes definitely top my list of favorite fruits, there are just so many delicious ways to enjoy them whether green or ripe. Here are a few ideas you might want to try once mangoes hit the market in abundance:

Mango Nectar-the best way to enjoy in the scorching temperature!
Mango Royale-this icebox cake is a fun and easy dessert to make with no baking required
Sweet Mango BBQ Chicken Skewers-a tropical twist on our classic BBQ on a stick
Mango and Cream Cheese Turon-you’ll never go back to banana turon once you try these!

Mango Bread Loaf-moist, buttery, and generously studded with sweet mangoes, this bread loaf is perfect with your breakfast coffee or mid-afternoon tea
Mango Jam-loaded with mango flavor, it’s the spread for your favorite toast
Mango Ice Cream-no need for an ice cream maker to enjoy your very own homemade ice cream!
Puto Maya and Sikwate-this classic rice cake goes so well with sweet mangoes and hot chocolate
Filipino Mango and Tomato Salad-your summer BBQ’s are not complete without this salad!

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