It is true as a tension is always been a part of the conversation of android and iPhone users. They both are always comparing their cell phones and try to prove their point with every possible argument.

In one way or other this comparison is quite valid as there are considerable differences there and with the reference of those diversities these arguments sound pretty fair.

Here is a small comparison between these two phones but not in the technical way so a common man can easily see how those arguments differ and how much they have potential. Have a look and decide yourself!


  • Android does not need any type of special pins or apps to start or operate the phone.
  • Android supports all the mainstream apps without any special app assistance and share media files with PC or
  • Windows and you can easily share files on whatsapp.
  • Android apps often crash down that is a draw back for the processor.
  • You can easily customize the android phone home screens.
  • Sometimes android does not support or less responsive to particular apps.
  • Android always up to the implementing new versions of apps that is why whenever you buy an android it comes with advanced apps.
  • You can always go back what you were doing by pressing back buttons.
  • Android updates are not regular enough.
  • iPhone is quite a restricted phone on the other side needs app store or apple store to start the phone and run different operations.
  • Media files cannot be transferred to Windows or PC. Even you can’t share files on whatsapp.
  • Best part is iPhone apps do not crash as often as android.
  • iPhone home screens are not customizable.
  • App store is more organized as compare to play store.
  • Some of the games and apps run better on iOS.
  • There are more paid ads for iPhone as compare to android.
  • The default iPhone apps that come with iPhone are less advanced.
  • There is no back button on the iPhone.
  • iPhones updates are more regular and better.

There may be several other differences but the most important one is that iPhone do not offer extend in memory while you can easily enlarge the android memory.

Actually, this is an endless discussion as end-users taste and styles changes with time and they have the opinion based on the experiences.

But it is true that if we look at the price of the iPhone then it does not worth it. On the other hand android is economical and cost-effective.

Rest is your choice….Pick the one you like and love to use.

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